Shopkeeper - engine to create an online store. Used: PHP framework Symfony 4.x, Angular 7+, MongoDB 3+.


  • MongoDB database - simple and fast
  • Create an arbitrary number of fields for products. Setting input and output for fields
  • Parameters for products that may affect the price
  • A bunch of the parameter of the product with the photo
  • Attachment to customer's order file
  • Create photo gallery for products
  • Filtering products
  • Multiple categories for products
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-currency
  • Full-text search
  • Shopping cart with saving in the database
  • Order management, status change with sending a letter, order print
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Order statistics
  • Registration, authorization, password recovery for buyers
  • Personal account of the buyer
  • Online payment orders (PayPal, Yandeks.Kassa). Omnipay - a single API for payment systems
  • Ability to upload files for download by visitors, display the number of downloads
  • Simple form creation (YAML file)
  • Friendly URLs for search engines
  • Ready demo site